Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Girls

Graduation Gifts for my UNT girls. A mug rug for coffee, clippies, and a reusable snack pack.

A simple skirt by Cassie Cakes
Alli with her new skirt and watermelon at her families farm house.
Boxcar Bandits

Two of my friends graduated this past weekend that I'm very happy for. My friend Katie finished up her art education degree, and Alli finished with child development and family studies. They both have an open plate to fill. Katie is looking for a place to set some roots and find a job, and Alli going to grad school in Denver, CO. I wanted to make them gifts but was so busy I never got a chance. This is when having a future sister in-law who's crafty comes in handy. Cassie always has a inventory of handmade goods. I got the mug rug and the clippies for Katie and Cassie whipped up a simple skirt with the really pretty fabric for Alli. I put them both in snack packs for a quick wrapping. I always enjoy handmade gifts and I thought these girls would too. Congrats to them! Alli had a great Sunday afternoon party with lots of friends, food, drink, and music. It's so beautiful out at her families farm.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Change of Pace

The kids love to discover the masks

Easter with Izzy
Pottsboro, TX Camping

I am now a lead Montessori teacher in Plano, TX. Healthy Beginnings Montessori House is where I've spend all my time now, except on the weekends. Taking on a full time position after working only a very part time job for the past couple months has made me more tired then I can ever believe. I am now responsible for 11 toddlers and twos who are all learning the practical life skills to survive as independents. I love every single one of them, and watching them learn new words, accomplish new works, and discover life. Creating has slowed down in my studio and has moved to my classroom. The weekends have turned into pure relaxation with family and friends. At the moment a messy house is okay as long as I have some time just to watch a movie and or read. Life has taken a change of pace.