Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Business

Oversized Acrylic Cowl

Baby Alpaca Oversized Cowl
(for my mama)

Bamboo Wool Cowl

Organic Wool and Nylon
Blend Matching Adult Hats

Angel Hair Childs Hat
(for my niece)

It's been a busy Christmas this year with graduating, birthdays, business orders, and my own homemade gift. Here are four things I sold and two things for gifts. I'm using the double drop stitch a lot because it allows the yarn to fall better and it's faster. I've made my January rent for our new house by making stuff, which is great. Now I'm ready to experiment with new knitting tricks. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Items

Double Drop Stitch Blue Wool Cowl
Double and Quadruple Drop Stitch
Bamboo Wool and Sock Wool Circle Scarf
Double Drop Stitch White Alpaca Cowl
Striped Sweater Circle Scarf
Double Drop Stitch New Wool Olive Cowl
Alpaca Wool and Confetti Wool Toddler Hat
Bamboo Hat Toddler Hat, Organic Cotten Toddler Hatt
Wool Toddler Hat
Vintage Fabric Coasters
Wine Bags
I've been busy making cowls, circle scarfs, infant and toddler hats, wine bags, and coasters. Cassie and I had a Christmas Bizaar and needed new items. I'm done with student teaching and have been spending a week making things. It's been a lot of fun. Now I just need to sell them all and make christmas gifts. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Dog Emmy.....

Baby Emmy

Adult Emmy (still just as cute) the cutest dog in the least to me. She is like my child, because I don't have any...yet. She says goodbye to me everyday and excitedly greets me everyday when I get home, demanding a belly rub. Lately since my student teaching started in Dallas we have not been home a lot. It's been so hard on our animals and they are demanding our attention all the time when we are home. 
The commute is so hard from Denton to Dallas that we are moving to Dallas and ditching the 80 mile drive that we do during the week because we love the culture and the people of the city. It will be sad but not as sad as this little Emmy photo of her being caught being bad 2 years ago. It kills me every time I see it and makes me think of pulling out of the driveway and seeing her staring at us out of the window watching us leave. I'm looking forward to more time with our doggy and our kitty.


Yesterday, T.J. my boyfriend of almost 4 years got a 5 year recognition for being with his job at Moroch Ad Agency, although it was really his 6th year. He received this hilarious caricature of himself. He took a picture on his iphone and sent it to his sister who at the time was with me. When she showed it to me I bursted out laughing so hard because if anyone knows T.J. he has a huge head and a huge smile. I love him to death for it. 

Thanksgiving Catch Up


Even though Thanksgiving was two weeks ago, I still wanted to post my new sweet potato recipe from REAL SIMPLE. I used hate sweet potatoes because I always had them mashed with colorful marshmallows on them, until we grilled them one summer night and I fell in LOVE for the first time. They are so good for you, and they are yummy with just a bit a salt on them. So as a result of this, I decided to tell both families, the Edmondson's and the Rapier's, that I was making them this year. 

It involves simple ingredients of sweet potatoes, parmesan, pecans, brown sugar, cayenne, thyme, olive oil, salt, and pepper. They were easy to make, and take about an hour to bake. At the Edmondson Thanksgiving lunch the dish was demolished, so it was a success!

My sister-in law Lindsey, who is a 1st grade teacher made these turkey cupcakes. They were SO CUTE, so I thought I would share. Her husband, my brother Jon didn't know a box of cake mix makes 24 cupcakes and instead made 12. They were HUGE!! But still darling. 

It's been tooooooo lonnnng.....

........since I've done a post!!!

I have been so busy with student teaching, applying for a job, house hunting, packing, knitting, graduation registering, and lastly my camera breaking....tear. I finally have a moment to blog! 

I'm graduating in a week! YAY! It's very exciting since I've been in college for almost 8 years....LONG STORY. It's been a long journey with changing majors as a senior, and waiting semesters to sign up for specific classes. But I'm finally going to be a certified art teacher. 

My sister Becca, who works at the Dallas Museum of Art, agreed to do my graduation announcements. We are doing a trade of craft. Hers being paper and design, and mine being sewing. She used watercolor for the middle, sewing around the text, and a color wheel in crayon as the border. The envelopes and labels are from paper source, and the inside of the envelopes are lined with paper she found around her house. Her stamps say 'create' and she used a ink stamp with the letter K as my return address. I heart them and am so proud of what she has done. Thank you Becca! It's the best gift and I can't wait to start the baby bedding for your modern baby room.