Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And it Begins

The wedding planning is starting to make way. I'm so excited about these save the dates. My sister, Becca designed them for T.J. and I. I wanted something simple and in post card form. I found some inspiration on Oncewed and 100LayerCake and this is what resulted from that. I can't wait to see what she comes up for the invitations!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Memorial Weekend

I've been very busy with my  infant/toddler Montessori certification and have been trying to use my weekends for relaxation. T.J. and I had our engagement party and got to see friends and family on memorial weekend. I also bought some plants and soil and spent the afternoon in the yard on Sunday. I had an old galvanized tub that my childhood dogs got washed in and had a rusted hole on the bottom. T.J. drilled some holes in the bottom as well. I filled it with dirt and planted some flowers. I also planted basil, sweet mint, a succulent, tomato, and a pepper plant. I was inspired by Cassie and Hank who made lemon basil gin tonics at the engagement party. I think it's too late for the tomato plant to produce fruit....but oh well. 

We also had some guests stay with us. Rachel, T.J's sister in-law and his niece, Maggie, came and stayed the night while T.J's brother spent the remaining of the holiday weekend at the Kerrville Folk Festival. Maggie and I made chocolate chip buckwheat pancakes in the morning and she helped stir the mix.....and eat some chocolate chips while doing it...ooops!! Then we walked to the park and Maggie enjoyed being pushed in the swing by T.J. and climbing. We walked home and enjoyed looking at all the pretty gardens, while I showed Rachel examples of annuals and perennials.