Saturday, December 31, 2011

Handmade Gifts

I have to say, handmade gifts are some of the best gifts. I'm lucky to know such creative people. Cassie got best gift with a quilt made from all her fabric scraps. She also found the bird paper clips at the Deep Ellum Market. My friend Jen made a bag full of t-shirt scarfs, which were all beautiful. Most of them were necklace like. We all got to choose which one we wanted. I loved the red one the most. My new mother in-law embroidered these sweet tea towels. All of us girls got one in our stocking.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

In my studio

I'm excited to go into my studio and see the bunting garlands that we used at the wedding. Almost all of the fabric is my grandmothers, and the rest is from my nephews baby projects. Thanks to my mom, the garlands were finished. I've shared with family and I love going into my sisters studio's and offices and seeing them hanging from the ceiling or wall.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Handmade Christmas Tags

I managed to have 2 of about 20 tags that I made for gifts still laying around the house.(again deleting all my photos from Christmas projects) I really really enjoyed making these. You can embellish the stamp into something cuter.

First Christmas

It's my husband and my first Christmas . I wanted to get a growler for him to enjoy on Christmas Eve. The bar at Whole Foods was busy when I went to buy his growler so the bartender suggested to go get the bottle etched. It was free and it only took fifteen minutes. I decided to have, "Cheers to our first Christmas" etched into the growler. I got it filled and he was very happy to have this bottle he can get refilled with IPA's and stouts. We poured the beer in his mothers Christmas glasses with family, cheered, and my husband and I kissed. It's good to be an Edmondson.

Santa Hat Brownies

Made these for a holiday party. They were fun to make and I got to use my new kitchen stand mixer to make cream cheese frosting. 

Yoga bag


I made some gift this Christmas, but was a complete idiot and accidentally deleted all my photos on my camera!! So this is what I had. I didn't use a pattern or tutorial, just looked at a yoga bag I have. I used a silky fabric to line it so the mat will slid right in. The button was given to me by my sister from Paris, France. I added a pocket and it was my first time to use the button feature on my machine.

Bib Kerchief

Made one of these for my nephew Everett. He looked super cute in his stripe shirt with the green poka dotted bib kerchief. Babies are hard to take photos of though...more to come after a trip to the fabric store!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sneak Peak

These are 2 of 4 photos I have gotten. I can't wait for more!! Photographer was Tara Welch one of T.J's good friends. We are blessed to have talented friends.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Homemade Christmas

Plush star
Recycle vintage braided garland from the wedding.

I have been so excited to decorate our house this Christmas because we moved our last Christmas and if was all packed away. Pulling out the holiday boxes from the garage was exciting. I almost forgot what we had! We bought a real tree and we used the trimmings to make a wreath for the front door. It was daunting at first because I've never done it. I bought some wire and a wreath frame. T.J. and I put it together in the front yard. He cut off pieces and I binding them onto the frame. (He kept on saying I was picky because I was rejecting some of his pieces). It was SO EASY! It took about 15 to 20 minutes for something that cost about twenty bucks at the store. I've always wanted to make a pom pom wreath, so to do a similar form I made a couple and just tied them on to the branches.  

I've found that most stars in the store....well suck. Or maybe they are just not what I want. So I made a star. I did find this felt star online through Pinterest, but I didn't want to have to buy any materials. So I just drew a star on paper, cut out the points, and traced them on the fabric adding fabric for seam. Then sewed a back and stuffed. I added a ribbon to tie on top of the tree. Also on the tree, I have recycled something from our wedding. The braided vintage sheets garland wrapped the bouquets at my wedding. T.J's even helped with this project! 

We have started a winter program at my school. Each class chooses a holiday. Since I have a classroom full of toddlers, Christmas is the most familiar to them. I started to make snowflakes for our doors and windows, because again I wasn't finding anything at the store that I liked. I enjoyed making them so much I spent an evening watching Christmas movies and cutting out snowflakes. T.J. said it was cute. It's such a simple way to decorate old windows....or even new ones!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wedding Photo Booth

My has time gotten away from me!! The wedding was beautiful! And my now sister in-law Cassie created this photo booth. Here are some of my favorites!

Little Dresses and Little Boots

My sister was having trouble finding a flower girl dress her daughter Izzy for the wedding, so I made her one. The design is by Cassie, with my touches of the ruffles and the giant pin wheel. She wore boots with the dress and had a flower crown in her hair. 

Engagement Sesh

I almost forgot! We did engagement photos back in August in Amarillo, TX. T.J's family is from Amarillo and I love the quirkiness of it. From a little amusement park called Wonderland, to the Stanley Marsh signs placed in random spots around town. Cassie, my sister in-law again helped us with these photos. We did them right before we hopped on a plane back to Dallas. I had fun but felt sick from all the crazy rides we went on.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Antique stores are fantastic. Filled with treasures. Hunting for specific objects. Searching for the best price. Me, I've been shopping for the wedding, looking for vintage table clothes, wire baskets, mason jars, and wooden boxes. While doing this I found things for the house too. Every thing I purchased I wondered about of the journey it's been through and the story it tells.

These finds are from downtown McKinney and Plano, and a garage sale. I'm about to go out Amarillo next month to do some more antique shopping with T.J's family. Something about west Texas, they have great antique stores. Can't wait! 

  1. Old Minnow Bucket :: ideas on use :: hold the skewers for smores at the wedding, at home I use it to hold my placemats.
  2. A Green Glass Jar with the words "water" and "juice" going down the sides :: ideas on use :: hold flowers at home and at wedding.
  3. Handi Holder :: Use :: makes pouring carton milk or juice easier. 
  4.  1970's Re-purposed Sheet Napkins
  5. Princess and the Frog Nesting Dolls
  6. Old Wire Hand Shopping Basket :: ideas on use :: hold graham crackers and chocolate at the wedding, at home it holds magazines and toilet paper in the bathroom. 
  7. 1950's Table Cloth
  8. Extra Large Mason Jar
  9. Wizard of Oz Nesting Dolls

    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    I started cooking again. T.J. has been busy with work and this has sparked my interest. I made a menu for this week. One of the meals I cooked was Thai Curry Vegetable and Tofu Soup. It was delishious!!! And very easy. Try it! Even though it's summer this is a very light soup, stocked full of veggies. I used fresh basil from my garden to add a little on the top.

    Wednesday, June 29, 2011

    And it Begins

    The wedding planning is starting to make way. I'm so excited about these save the dates. My sister, Becca designed them for T.J. and I. I wanted something simple and in post card form. I found some inspiration on Oncewed and 100LayerCake and this is what resulted from that. I can't wait to see what she comes up for the invitations!

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Memorial Weekend

    I've been very busy with my  infant/toddler Montessori certification and have been trying to use my weekends for relaxation. T.J. and I had our engagement party and got to see friends and family on memorial weekend. I also bought some plants and soil and spent the afternoon in the yard on Sunday. I had an old galvanized tub that my childhood dogs got washed in and had a rusted hole on the bottom. T.J. drilled some holes in the bottom as well. I filled it with dirt and planted some flowers. I also planted basil, sweet mint, a succulent, tomato, and a pepper plant. I was inspired by Cassie and Hank who made lemon basil gin tonics at the engagement party. I think it's too late for the tomato plant to produce fruit....but oh well. 

    We also had some guests stay with us. Rachel, T.J's sister in-law and his niece, Maggie, came and stayed the night while T.J's brother spent the remaining of the holiday weekend at the Kerrville Folk Festival. Maggie and I made chocolate chip buckwheat pancakes in the morning and she helped stir the mix.....and eat some chocolate chips while doing it...ooops!! Then we walked to the park and Maggie enjoyed being pushed in the swing by T.J. and climbing. We walked home and enjoyed looking at all the pretty gardens, while I showed Rachel examples of annuals and perennials.