Monday, July 18, 2011


Antique stores are fantastic. Filled with treasures. Hunting for specific objects. Searching for the best price. Me, I've been shopping for the wedding, looking for vintage table clothes, wire baskets, mason jars, and wooden boxes. While doing this I found things for the house too. Every thing I purchased I wondered about of the journey it's been through and the story it tells.

These finds are from downtown McKinney and Plano, and a garage sale. I'm about to go out Amarillo next month to do some more antique shopping with T.J's family. Something about west Texas, they have great antique stores. Can't wait! 

  1. Old Minnow Bucket :: ideas on use :: hold the skewers for smores at the wedding, at home I use it to hold my placemats.
  2. A Green Glass Jar with the words "water" and "juice" going down the sides :: ideas on use :: hold flowers at home and at wedding.
  3. Handi Holder :: Use :: makes pouring carton milk or juice easier. 
  4.  1970's Re-purposed Sheet Napkins
  5. Princess and the Frog Nesting Dolls
  6. Old Wire Hand Shopping Basket :: ideas on use :: hold graham crackers and chocolate at the wedding, at home it holds magazines and toilet paper in the bathroom. 
  7. 1950's Table Cloth
  8. Extra Large Mason Jar
  9. Wizard of Oz Nesting Dolls

    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    I started cooking again. T.J. has been busy with work and this has sparked my interest. I made a menu for this week. One of the meals I cooked was Thai Curry Vegetable and Tofu Soup. It was delishious!!! And very easy. Try it! Even though it's summer this is a very light soup, stocked full of veggies. I used fresh basil from my garden to add a little on the top.