Monday, April 4, 2011

Bazaars and Markets

Spring has arrived and that means sewing is in full swing. Bazaars have come and gone and Markets are now ready to be scheduled and booths prepared. Cassie and I have been busy getting ready for these events. My snack packs have re-appeared, and Cassie's apron tops. We will be at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market on April 16th from 11am to 5pm.

Last Friday we had the Moroch Bazaar at T.J's work. It was a little slow, but we managed to sell some knitted cotton wash cloths and Connie Sues "F" bombs too.  We are ready for the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market and are excited to be joining this vintage/craft community. Trina is joining us with some paper goods that we need desperately. And eventually our friend Paige will be making some ceramics. I'm hopping to sew some this week....but I got a new job and I am preparing myself for the Montessori position. 

Little Knits

Elf Hat from Aunt Jiji and Booties from Oma (Grandma)

Hat from me
Little knits are so cute on new babies.....and even off. I love all the knit things Everett has gotten. My sister and I did a little photo shoot of him in the gifts and these photos are my two favorite. He's so tiny that even the infant hats are big on him.