Sunday, January 30, 2011

Guest Bedroom: Before & After



Pillow Case

Pillows Finished

Curtains Finished

Room Complete

1982: Mothers Day Gift From My Mom to My Grandmother
The new house is bigger then our old one, and one of the advantages to this is having a guest bedroom. It has been fun to decorate with a clean slate and the use of old things and new things. My sisters gave me some old things of theirs to make them new to me. Jennifer gave me a couple yards of a fun modern print and Becca gave me two antique chairs, a side table, and vintage sheets all belonging to my grandmother. T.J. insisted on hanging the longhorns that belonged to his grandfather. All of this came together in a vintage/antique/western/modern prints collaboration. I even had a place for my mothers owls that she made for her mom in 82' and a photo shoot I did in college of black and white prints of my two girlfriends with vintage clothing, hula hoops, and bubbles. The fabric was made into curtains, and pillow covers. It's ready to be slept in for any guest coming to visit. Hopefully it will be used soon by some Denton folk, but for right now Kiki thinks it's her own personal room.