Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Securing with a stitch

I finished my sister in-law's button cowl right before the weekend. The buttons are vintage and from my grandma's stash I received over the summer. I decided to do the double drop stitch every 5 rows. I really liked how it came out and I hope Lindsay will too. She wanted something to match her coat which is white, black, and gray. 

Cat vs. Dog
Dog vs. Cat
 We had a guest in our house this weekend and our kitty didn't like him very much. Gus the Australian Shepherd came to stay from Wednesday to Saturday. His parents went skiing and he needed a place to stay. It was our first time to watch Gus and he was a very good guest.....Kiki would plead differently. The cat didn't like the dog, and the dog didn't know what to think of the cat. He would stare at her indefinitely if allowed. The two pictures are of them in a stare off, the cat hissing every so often. I decided to put the baby gate up to the studio while Kiki perched herself on my drafting table covering it and my computer with hair. Despite the hair, it was nice to pet her while I was at my desk. Emmy at first was much like a toddler, telling Gus what is "MINE!" She warmed to his presence soon after establishing her dominance and they would play for hours in the backyard.

When we first looked at our house to consider it for renting the door was painted a lovely blue. But the day we moved in, it had been painted over this washed out taupe. That same night when we went to pick up essentials from the store I got a quarter gallon of blue/green paint that was as close to the color the door had previously been. I put two coats on it and it might need a bit more touching up. It's a little brighter then the previous color. Our chairs clash a bit, but I'm hoping to find some lime green ones soon. I love bright colors in small quantities. The same taupe is on the garage and on a column and I hope to get rid of it when it gets warmer to brighten up the house. I know it's just a rental, but to me it's fun to watch how a little bit of paint can change the face of a house.

Kierra and Aliyah
My childhood friend's daughter Aliyah turned 2 this week and I knitted her a hat. I don't know Aliyah very well, but I hope the move to Dallas will turn that around. 

One big reason I am happy about living here is seeing babies of family and friends grow up. That is something you will never replace in life and living a little too far away has made me realize that I want to see these little ones develop.

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