Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days and Sweets

Valentine Sugar Cookies 


 Chocolate Chip Pancakes

It's been a 4 day snow day and I haven't left the house. So to keep myself entertained I'm been baking cookies and cooking some chocolate chip pancakes. 

When I was little my mom and I would make sugar cookies. I loved cutting the dough with the huge selection of cookie cutters my mom had. We would make a huge batch, doubling it because of the six kids that inhabited the house and were always looking for something to eat. We would make different color icings with simply powdered sugar and milk. When I added the food coloring I loved watching the color swirl in as I mixed. When we would apply the icing my mom would get out the tooth picks to swirl the two colors with a marble effect. I still love making sugar cookies but haven't in a very LONG time. I saw a heart shaped cookie cutter at JoAnn's for 99 cents and put it in the basket. The hibernation in the house has made it the perfect time to bake these somewhat high maintenance cookies. I used a Martha Stewart recipe of the ideal sugar cookie and royal icing. I modified the icing, which called for egg whites by adding a tablespoon or two of milk and a bit of vanilla extract. This made it less thick and easier to mix and spread. 

The chocolate chip pancakes was lunch one afternoon. How delicious they were. T.J. picked up some buckwheat pancake mix at the store and Nestle chocolate chips. The mix happened to be glueten free too, which wasn't bad at all. 

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  1. Cute cookies, and the pancakes look yummy. I had potato pancakes for lunch, I added shredded cheese and bacon bits then smeared it with Laughing Cow garlic cheese before I ate it. Doesn't sound near as good as those chocolate chip pancakes.