Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Gift: Everett and Becca

 I made my gifts for my sisters baby shower my sister, my mom, and I hosted. 

Printed Onesies
Cutting out stencil
Cut and ready stencils
In process
Finished Product
Finished Product
Finished Product
These decorated onesies were fun and easy to make. I of course got all my inspiration from Lotta Jansdotter's book Simple Sewing for Baby. I used two of her ideas for stencils and three of my own. The bird and the dog/wolf Lotta's. I thought the dog looked like a coyote so I added a moon and a star. 

How to make:

Supplies :
    Acetate, or stencil paper (I used Bristol board)
    Permanent marker (or pencil)
    Craft knife
    Cutting mat or heavy cardboard
    Paints and inks for fabrics ( I used Tulip Soft fabric paint...Matte)
    Old Plate
    Masking tape (your best friend)
    Stencil brush or sponge (brush for small spaces and edges, sponge for large spaces)
    Old Towel
    Cardboard/ Bristol Board (to put in between the front and back of shirts)
1. Draw your design on stencil paper and cut out using a craft knife and cutting board. 
2. Tape your stencil to the designated area on the fabric or clothing. 
3. Use old plate for paint and start with the sponge to fill large areas and the stencil brush 
    for edges and small spaces. note: put pressure around edges of stencil so you get a crisp line. 
4. Put 2 to 3 layers of paint on.
5. Place fabric in a safe place and allow to dry for 4 hours before removing the stencil. 
6. Remove the stencil. Safe to wash after 72 hours, but turn inside out.

Changing Pad

padding, flannel, heavy cotton print
Strap is placed between flannel and heavy cotton on the inside.
Rolled Out
Rolled UP
Another thing I made for my sister was a changing pad that you can roll up and take anywhere. This was so simple to make and will come in handy a lot! I used about 5/8 yard of a heavy cotton that I found in the home furniture fabrics section at JoAnn's, 5/8 yard of flannel, 5/8 yard of either very thin quilt batting or a soft plush fabric, 3 inch black elastic, and sew on black velcro. 

If you line up all the edges of the fabric, first putting the batting or plush fabric down, then the flannel, and then the heavy cotton, with the print facing down. 

Then determine how you will fold the changing pad and where you would like the strap to go. Place the strap on the inside inbetween the heavy cotton and the flannel, making sure it's straight and that the edge of it is sticking out enough to be secure when sewed. 

Sew three sides, and leave a shorter side un-sewn. Flip right side out. Iron in the last side with a half inch hem. Then you can measure and trim the strap and sew on the velcro and appropriate places.

 Tag Blankie

These apparently are very addicting to the wee ones. This is a very simple project with little supplies. All I did was cut two cotton squares each 13 inches so when sewed it would be a foot big on each side. Iron a 1/2 inch hem on all sides of the two pieces and put them together so there is a print on two sides. You can choose any ribbon you want both shiny and ribbed. I found a cute owl ribbon and matched colors to it. I cut 5 inch, 4 inch, and 3 inch long ribbon strips to fold in half and pin all around the edge of the blankie. For this sized tag blankie a yard of each kind of ribbon resulting in 4 yards of ribbon.  I hope Everett will like all his little gifts, and Becca as well.