Friday, January 14, 2011

It's my Momma's birthday

1968 - 70
September 1971
Dad Graduated Law School September 1972
May 1973
August 1984 (pregnant with me)

It's my mom's birthday this Friday, and she is turning......shhhhh......don't you know I can't tell you a woman's age? She is the best mom I've ever had :) She's always honest even though I didn't want to hear it, she's always been thoughtful with things I need and even want, she cooks good meals, is funny when she's had too much wine, and can tell you any medical answer you need to know. She raised six kids while her husband, my dad, worked all day to feed us, cloth us, and put us through college. 

Another thing my mother did really well is sew. I remember her sewing me tons of outfits, Halloween costumes, and Sunday dresses. She even sewed the tent on the top of the fort our dad built us in the 1980's. Funny enough I didn't learn how to sew from her. I didn't learn till I was in college and living with my friend LeAnn, but she was so excited when I told her I was sewing that she gave me tons of old fabric from our childhood. 

In ALL of these photos she is wearing an outfit she sewed. I don't sew much clothes but I love how stylish she was and how she made clothes even when she was pregnant. Happy Birthday Day MOM! You are truely an inspiration. 

Love Katy.


  1. She is so beautiful and I see resemblances of all you kids in these photos.

    Besides being a great mom to you she was the BEST school nurse I'd ever encountered. No other school nurse would go to camp every year with 50+ 5th graders. We all miss her at school, I miss her laughter the most. She always laughed at my jokes and stupid antics. I feel fortunate to have met her and I value her friendship. You guys were blessed to have her for your Mom.

  2. Haha I'm just like her....I laugh at everything...even the stupid jokes.

  3. Aw this is the sweetest post. Kathryn, YOU ARE SO HIP!