Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Year, A New House

"What are these large things stack?"

Scared Kiki found her kitty carrier to hide in.

"Don't forget me!"

Front and Center Uhaul

Me climbing up to add more the the maddness
T.J. working hard
Kiki had no where to hide at the new house....so she chose the tub.
Finally venturing out

A clean slate
boxes, boxes, and more boxes
Moving is always hard, especially when you are moving to another city. Last week we moved from Denton to Dallas. The animals were so confused. It was interesting to see their reactions when we started moving the furniture out of the house. We rented the biggest Uhaul they had and filled the entire thing with all our belongings included clothes, computers, grills, and patio furniture. I will miss living in Denton. 
I'm still finding my way around Dallas. Not entirely familiar where things are or directions. The house is coming along. The boxes are dwindling down everyday. The hardest part is figuring out where to put everything. I love our new house. It's bigger, and the floors are actually level. Our bathroom is still the original tile. We gained a guest bedroom and a garage. I'll post more this week about decorating and projects.

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