Thursday, January 27, 2011

Future Projects

I have a list of projects that I slowly mark off a list that I keep in my studio. Since we moved, the list has gotten longer. Some things have been on the list for over a year. I hope to tackle them in the next two months. Here is my list thus far.

  1. Sew Baby Bedding for my future nephew.
  2. Sew Curtains for the guest bedroom.
  3. Sew Napkins (I bought the fabric in the summer of 09')
  4. Re-do 1920's/30's? Dresser: Fix drawer and refinish.
  5. Knit Button Cowl for Becca. 
  6. Bathroom: Remove awful sliding shower doors, re-paint with gloss paint, and caulk.
  7. Paint Vent Hood in Kitchen
  8. Sew Pillows for the Guest Bed
  9. Re-do 1970's end table. 
  10. Build a garden bed in the front yard.
  11. Paint Chalk board?? Really haven't figured that one out.  

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