Monday, February 14, 2011

Sneak Peak: Becca's Nursery

Becca finished her bird mobile that she made with the inspiration the blog Spool. She picked her prints and hand sewed 11 birds. She found the sticks on her walked with her dog Eli. Saturday I helped her hang it because she is almost 9 months pregnant and doesn't move around quite well as all of you might know who have been there. It was definitely a challenge! I actually wanted to throw it across the room a couple of times. It was balancing act. It took much patience and many tries to get all the birds to sit up straight and the branches to be level. We finally got it with multiple strings instead of the one that goes through the example on they did that took some scientific thought!!???

The nursery is coming along and this was one big task that needed to be tackled. Next week the room will be completed and Everett will get to come enjoy his mobile in a little more than two weeks. I will share the whole room and all it's cuteness.


  1. ohhh...emmmm...geee....I am dying. That is the cutest thing ever. I think this momma birdie needs one in her bedroom. I'm off to read Spool. :)