Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Dog Emmy.....

Baby Emmy

Adult Emmy (still just as cute) the cutest dog in the least to me. She is like my child, because I don't have any...yet. She says goodbye to me everyday and excitedly greets me everyday when I get home, demanding a belly rub. Lately since my student teaching started in Dallas we have not been home a lot. It's been so hard on our animals and they are demanding our attention all the time when we are home. 
The commute is so hard from Denton to Dallas that we are moving to Dallas and ditching the 80 mile drive that we do during the week because we love the culture and the people of the city. It will be sad but not as sad as this little Emmy photo of her being caught being bad 2 years ago. It kills me every time I see it and makes me think of pulling out of the driveway and seeing her staring at us out of the window watching us leave. I'm looking forward to more time with our doggy and our kitty.


  1. Good luck on the move. Did you get the fabric from your mom?