Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's been tooooooo lonnnng.....

........since I've done a post!!!

I have been so busy with student teaching, applying for a job, house hunting, packing, knitting, graduation registering, and lastly my camera breaking....tear. I finally have a moment to blog! 

I'm graduating in a week! YAY! It's very exciting since I've been in college for almost 8 years....LONG STORY. It's been a long journey with changing majors as a senior, and waiting semesters to sign up for specific classes. But I'm finally going to be a certified art teacher. 

My sister Becca, who works at the Dallas Museum of Art, agreed to do my graduation announcements. We are doing a trade of craft. Hers being paper and design, and mine being sewing. She used watercolor for the middle, sewing around the text, and a color wheel in crayon as the border. The envelopes and labels are from paper source, and the inside of the envelopes are lined with paper she found around her house. Her stamps say 'create' and she used a ink stamp with the letter K as my return address. I heart them and am so proud of what she has done. Thank you Becca! It's the best gift and I can't wait to start the baby bedding for your modern baby room. 

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