Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Business

Oversized Acrylic Cowl

Baby Alpaca Oversized Cowl
(for my mama)

Bamboo Wool Cowl

Organic Wool and Nylon
Blend Matching Adult Hats

Angel Hair Childs Hat
(for my niece)

It's been a busy Christmas this year with graduating, birthdays, business orders, and my own homemade gift. Here are four things I sold and two things for gifts. I'm using the double drop stitch a lot because it allows the yarn to fall better and it's faster. I've made my January rent for our new house by making stuff, which is great. Now I'm ready to experiment with new knitting tricks. 


  1. Awesome! I've got a bag of yarn started for you and I'll let you go through my 'big needle' and easy books if you want. I'm trying to get rid of some stuff. Get my number from your mom and call me next week.

  2. You and Cass have been so busy! I love the little girl's hat. It's so sweet. My mom crochets a lot for Katie. :)
    I gave you a little shout out on my blog today.