Thursday, March 24, 2011

Right Now

Right now ~ 

A new baby is finally here sleeping in his new nursery.

Iris' sit on my dinner table from my mothers garden, wishing I had already had one of my own. 

I'm going through my pictures of last weeks adventure to the Ft. Worth Zoo on Maggie's first visit and loving the expressions of the day.

My yarn bowl is filled with colorful cotton yarn ready to be knitted into wash cloths and sold at next weeks bazaar.

Completed baby rattles in the shape of Giraffes sit on my coffee table ready for more to join them and to find new homes at the bazaar. 


  1. I put Everet's picture up on that huge white board in the office and everyone that comes in says "OH what a beautiful baby!" We had Kindergarten registration this afternoon and all 6 parents that walked past it commented.