Sunday, March 6, 2011

Everett's Babies Room

My 1st nephew, Everett is almost here and his room has been finished just in time. Becca and J.T. have been working hard on his room for the past few months. Help for the parents to be has been a group effort from friends and family. Becca of course being the designer of the nursery has put in all her touches to create a modern forest of friends ready to greet Everett. The crib and the arm chair were our older sister's when our niece was a wee one. The tree's were purchased on Etsy and put up by her co-workers from the DMA. J.T. did a wonderful job re-doing the crib that it looks brand new. The bedding was done by me with the Cloud 9 organic line from City Craft. My mom has made arm covers for the plush rocking chair. Becca has of course done the most with number one caring Everett for nine months. She made the bird mobile with the inspiration of the blog Spool. She found the letters that spell out Everett; The wire 'E and t' were found on Etsy, along with the blue wooden 'E' and the yellow plastic 'R', she got the orange vinyl 'e' from the help her co-worker Kevin, Becca and J.T. created the 'v' with a print out and red spray paint, and Becca sewed the letter 'T' with the inspiration from Lotta Jansdotter book Simple Sewing for Baby. Everett will be the final touch. He due to arrive on Wednesday.....he might come early....he might come late. I can't wait for him to meet him and spend time in this adorable babies room. 


  1. GORGEOUS--you both are so talented! I think you all should submit the room to Design Sponge!

  2. this nursery is SO cute! I am having our first boy on March 31st [via repeat c-section], and his name will be Everett Lucas! I LOVE LOVE this nursery. Mine still isn't done, I will add stuff as he grows 'and i am super etsy obsessed! lol