Monday, December 12, 2011

Homemade Christmas

Plush star
Recycle vintage braided garland from the wedding.

I have been so excited to decorate our house this Christmas because we moved our last Christmas and if was all packed away. Pulling out the holiday boxes from the garage was exciting. I almost forgot what we had! We bought a real tree and we used the trimmings to make a wreath for the front door. It was daunting at first because I've never done it. I bought some wire and a wreath frame. T.J. and I put it together in the front yard. He cut off pieces and I binding them onto the frame. (He kept on saying I was picky because I was rejecting some of his pieces). It was SO EASY! It took about 15 to 20 minutes for something that cost about twenty bucks at the store. I've always wanted to make a pom pom wreath, so to do a similar form I made a couple and just tied them on to the branches.  

I've found that most stars in the store....well suck. Or maybe they are just not what I want. So I made a star. I did find this felt star online through Pinterest, but I didn't want to have to buy any materials. So I just drew a star on paper, cut out the points, and traced them on the fabric adding fabric for seam. Then sewed a back and stuffed. I added a ribbon to tie on top of the tree. Also on the tree, I have recycled something from our wedding. The braided vintage sheets garland wrapped the bouquets at my wedding. T.J's even helped with this project! 

We have started a winter program at my school. Each class chooses a holiday. Since I have a classroom full of toddlers, Christmas is the most familiar to them. I started to make snowflakes for our doors and windows, because again I wasn't finding anything at the store that I liked. I enjoyed making them so much I spent an evening watching Christmas movies and cutting out snowflakes. T.J. said it was cute. It's such a simple way to decorate old windows....or even new ones!

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