Thursday, November 18, 2010


Last weekend we went to the grocery store after lunch with friends to get some dinner. (The store was a mad house because the were having a remodel party for the store. Looks gorgeous, but no one could find anything cause it's all in new places) T.J., Rachel, and I walked around dazed in the amount of people there. We walked the store several times thinking of something to grill. I saw something that sparked the idea of making a pie, a pumpkin pie. Rachel just let out a long MMMMMMMM, and replied I'm down! T.J. found us later and said, "I'm thinking of not grilling and making pizza instead." All of our eyes lit up. We again ran around the store, returning to isles we had already been to three times before and found everything we needed so we wouldn't have to return to this mad house! The Oscar Mayer Wiener car was there and I caught a photo of two little boys getting their picture taken by their mom. Little kids were running around with Oscar Mayer whistles. We all came to the conclusion that we were have a PIE PARTY, even tough we were the only ones participating. 

Later that night we made the pizza pie. Rachel and T.J. made them while I photographed and got my pumpkin pie crust ready. The pizza turned out good, Rachel made a vegetarian one and T.J. made a turkey one. (Rachel's was better because it didn't get burned on the bottom) After dinner I filled my pie. Unfortunately I didn't get an after photo. I put some cool whip on mine and curled up on the couch and ate my favorite, pumpkin pie! Later that night at 3 am I walked into the kitchen to find 7 very hungry friends devouring it, so no picture for the blog. T.J. was nice enough to make me another the next night because I was so bummed. What a good guy. 

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